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10x Inch Air Filters

Air Filters Wide various 10 inch10 Inch Air Filters

10x_x_  inch air filters in all sizes.   These filters are between 9.5"-10.5" on the smaller side. We also have 10 inch square filters and 10 1/2" high filters.


Save with our Filter 6-packs. Most filters are bundled into 6-packs so the price you see is the price for all 6.
Most replacement air filters are 1" deep, but we also offer air filters that are 2" deep, 4" deep for residential units and up to 6" thick for commercial a/c and furnace units.

See the 9 1/2 - 11" wide furnace filters below.

Actual side dimension of a 10" filter may be closer to 9 1/2" but they are referred to as 10" filters. This is the difference between actual and nominal filter measurements.  Find the 10"x filter size stamped on the side of your old filter cartridge.

Most Popular and Best Selling 10" home air furnace filters and AC filters

10x20x1 - MERV 11 or M6 M8 M13 10x24x1 - MERV 11 or M6 M8 M13 10x30x1 - MERV 11 or M6  M13

Available in MERV ratings of 6, 8, 11 and 13 in money-saving air filter 6-packs. Filters Outpost finds you the best, brand name filters at great online prices everyday. Many of the 10" filters offered in this section have SAME DAY SHIPPING if ordered before 1pm EST with FREE FedEx ground shipping.