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24x and Higher Air Filters

Filters 24 inches tall24 Inch Tall and Taller Air Filters

24x_x_  inch and 25-40x_x_ + air filters in various widths.  


Save with our Filter 6-packs. Most filters are bundled into 6-packs so the price you see is the price for all 6.
These large filters have actual height measurements starting at 23.5" on the smaller side. We also have 24 inch square filters and other filter sizes.

Most replacement air filters are 1" deep, but we also offer air filters that are 2" deep, 4" deep for residential units and up to 5" or 6" thick for commercial a/c and furnace units.

Actual side dimension of a 24" filter is usually 23 3/4" or so, but they are referred to as 24" filters.

filters 25 inches tall furnace

Find the 24"x  or larger filter size stamped on the side of your old filter cartridge or measure the length and width of your existing filter.

Many of the 24" and larger filters offered in this section have SAME DAY SHIPPING if ordered before 1:00 p.m EST with free FedEx ground shipping.

Most Popular and Best Selling 24" and taller home air furnace filters and air conditioner filters

24x24x1 24x30x1 25x16x1
25x25x1 25x32x1 26 x 21 1/2 x 1