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Aquarium Filters


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Aquarium filters are important to keep your fish and tank occupants safe.

Depending on your fish tank, there are different types of suitable filters including power, canister and other aquarium water filters. 

Most aquarium filters are for freshwater tanks including fluval, canister and others. Filters are important as they break down fish waste as well as uneaten food particles.

Aquarium filtration is achieved by chemical, mechanical or biological methods. It is important to choose the right filter to keep your pet fish healthy. The filtration device may come in a format such as canister filters, under-gravel filters, submersible box filters or a hanging power filter.

A mechanical filter works by trapping particles and works best in conjunction with biological filters. Biological filters use good bacteria to break down fish waste in the aquarium. A healthy aquarium requires bacteria that are beneficial which can break down toxic and harmful organic pollutants. These filters keep aquariums cleaner, fish healthier and reduce disease causing organisms.

Your aquarium filter should turn the water approximately 3-5 times every hour. When you are starting a new aquarium or refilling one, be sure to use a water conditioner and bacteria starter. Check that your filter is not getting clogged up or leaking, which could impact its efficiency. Check your aquarium for recommened filtration suggestions then save money buying them through Filters Outpost!