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  • Culligan tap water purifier FM15A

Culligan FM-15A Faucet Filter Kit

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Product Description

The Culligan FM-15A mounts to your kitchen faucet and filters tap water with replaceable filter cartridges.

  • Reduces unpleasant odor and improves the taste of tap water
  • NSF Certified to remove listed contaminants
  • Filter lasts up to 200 gallons before needing cartridge replacement
  • Reduces chlorine taste and odor and contaminants such as lead, sediment, and particulate class 1 pollutants
  • Filter fits on 55/64-27 male aerator threading found on most standard 1 and 2 handle kitchen faucets. Two aerator adaptors are included with the filter, but may not fit all faucet models. It is recommended that you verify the thread size with the faucet manufacturer to ensure compatibility. if in doubt. This filter will not fit on pullout or pulldown type faucets. Trust the Culligan brand to your family.

The Culligan FM-15A faucet mount filter is compact and mounts directly onto your existing faucet in either right-hand or left-hand orientation.

  • Enjoy healthier, fresh tasting water
  • Carbon cartridge is easy to replace

No more chlorine smell and foul taste. Tap water can taste better!  Many customers have reviewed this product favorably and some suggest they preferred this Culliigan model over the Brita or Pur filters.

sink faucet adaptersA best practice is to run the tap at about 1/2 of the full flow so the carbon filter can do a better job of filtering the moving water.

Comes with 2 sink faucet adapters.

Hey Culligan man!  No need for water bottles anymore with simple tap water filtration.

This unit comes with the starter filter catridge. 


Pressure Range: 30-100 psi

Temperature Range: 40-100F - For cold water use only.

Service Flow: 0.5 gallons per minute at 60 pounds per square inch

Filter Capacity:  200 gallons/ 2 months

Includes: Faucet Mount Unit, 2 Faucet Adapters and 1 Carbon Block Filter Cartridge.   (Get replacement Culligan tap water filter cartridges here)


Remove aerator from the sink faucet.  Determine thread type on faucet.

If the threads are on the outside (external threads) no adapter should be needed.

If the threads are on the inside of the faucet, choose the proper adapter (2 types included) and washer and screw into faucet. Tighten manually.

The adapters included fit most faucets.  On some faucets, to create a tight seal, you can use the gasket that was on the aerator you removed from the faucet in addition to one of the included adapters if necessary.
In the instance the included adapters do not fit, your plumber or hardware store should have a thread adapter that will work for your particular faucet, so in any case you will be able to get it mounted and working to provide you with great tasting tap water.  Most of the time the included adapters are sufficient for interior thread type faucets.  Again, if thread is on outside then an adapter is not even needed.

Once unit is on faucet, slowly turn on cold water about 1/2 open. 

Need additional replacement filter cartridges for the FM-15A?  You can get these FM-15RA cartridges here.

Now you can enjoy your tap water. No more bottled water to make coffee or tea!


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