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Hot Tub Filters

This Hot Tub Filter section is undergoing annual refurbishing - please visit the main Hot Tub Outpost filter section for current model replacement spa filters.

You spent a lot of money buying a hot tub, but you need to maintain the water quality to prolong the life of the equipment and keep it safe for bathers. Your hot tub filter is an integral part of the filtration system to help remove bacteria and impurities from the water and to keep the water flow circulating efficiently. Filter cartridges should be taken out and rinsed off every few days and changed at least once a year. It is a good idea to keep a spare filter on hand, so you can take the dirty one out and let it soak overnight in cleaning solution while you pop the new one in. Maintaining your spa filter will keep your water flow optimal, so your energy bills will stay lower and water will stay cleaner.

You can get the best discount prices on Filter Outpost for hot tub filters for all makes and models of spas. It is also important to regularly test water for pH levels, alkalinity, acidity, bacteria, Algae and more. Be sure to stock up on all the water maintenance items you will need including spa test strips, chlorine or bromine, filter cartridge for hot tubs, spa Algaecide; chlorinating granules, stick mineral sanitizers, floating chemical dispensers, spa chemicals, aromatherapy salts, replacement spa covers and submersible pumps for emptying out the spa when it is time to change the water (every 3 to 4 months with proper care). See additional hot tub filters, replacement parts and accessories at

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