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Nose Filter Nasal Masks

We live in a contaminated world, so more and more people are purchasing nasal filters or face masks to filter the air they breathe. Filters can eliminate or reduce air pollution, pet dander, allergens (including dust, pollen, mole spores) and other contaminants. Some people buy masks to prevent exposure to airborne cold and flu germs. Others work in fields where they are exposed to sanding, drywall, dust, chemicals and more.  Frequent travellers often purchase face masks or nasal filters to keep healthy in foreign lands, recycled airplane air and close contact with other passengers.

Nasal screens, nasal filters and face masks prevent most foreign air born particles from entering your nasal passages. Investing in a quality personal nasal filter will reduce your respiratory exposure to germs, contaminants, viruses, carcinogens and pollutants. Nasal filters are easy to use and are worn on the nose or covering the nose and mouth.  Filters Outpost offers a range of nasal filters including face masks, nose nasal filters, pollution masks and infant face masks.

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