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Pond Filter

Whether you have a pond as a garden focal point, or use it to stock fish or wildlife, it is important to keep the water clean and odor free. Dead algae and other pond waste can build up, causing sludge, odors and cloudy water. You need a good pond filter as well as some enzymes or other water treatment to keep your water clear and clean. If you have koi or other expensive fish, it is especially important to maintain proper pH levels, water temperature and clarity.

Filters Outpost carries a wide range of pond filters, including filters for koi ponds, fish ponds or decorative outdoor ponds. In addition, you can get all the products you need to maintain healthy pond water including algaecides, clarifiers, enzymatic pond cleaners, pond thermometers, submersible pumps (for draining the pond or for fountains), water test kits and more. Keep your pond water odor free and picture perfect with pond filters from Filters Outpost.

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