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Pool Filters

Swimming pools are a back yard luxury, but they require regular maintenance to keep the water safe for bathers. Your pool filter is an integral part of the filtration system that helps to keep water flowing, removing waterborne impurities and evenly distributing chlorine and chemicals. Keeping the water clean and the pH balanced is important for the health of swimmers as well as the life of your pool equipment. Having high levels of acidity or alkalinity can cause your equipment to corrode, fail or over-work, leading to higher energy and repair bills.

Filters Outpost offers a wide range of swimming pool cartridge filters, including Type A, B, C or D filter cartridges, filter pumps, skimmer socks, bulk replacement cartridges, water test strips, pool thermometers, submersible pumps, gallon filter pumps, Algaecides, water clarifiers and more. Stock up and save so you always have the pool filters and water treatment products you need.

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