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Pool & Spa

Visit Hot Tub Outpost for a wide range of hot tub filters with great prices online.  Especially on the Filter Outpost quality compatible filter cartridges.

To keep your bathing water safe, it is important to regularly clean and occasionally replace your pool or hot tub cartridge filters.

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Filters help remove harmful bacteria and waterborne contaminants from the water so it is safe for swimming. Dirty filters can cause problems with your pool and spa equipment, causing it to fail or running up your energy bills due to poor water flow. Poor filtration can also lead to problems with water pH, alkalinity and acidity, which can corrode jets and pumps. Of course, the main reason to keep your filters clean is for the health of your family, since dirty pool or spa water can cause rashes, infections and other health issues.

Filters Outpost offers a wide range of products, including: pool replacement filters, water test strips, pool filter cartridges, pond cleaners, drinking water test kits, pool & spa thermometers, gilter pumps, replacement filter cartridges, pool cartridges, filter pumps, Algaecides, chlorinating granules, water faucet filters, mineral stick sanitizers, filter cleaners, pool test strips, spa test strips, submersible pumps, deep pool rakes, floating chlorine dispensers, bromine dispensers and just about anything else you could need for your swimming pool or hot tub. Take advantage of bulk filter purchases and free shipping over minimum orders.

Keep your swimming water clean, your family safe and prolong the life of your pool and spa equipment. Order from Filters Outpost today!