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Range Hood Microwave Filters

Range Hood Filter

It is important to keep your range hood filter clean. If it is too old or dirty to be cleaned, you should replace it. The food flavored grease that accumulates in your filter over time will attract insects like cockroaches and fruit flies. Dirty filters also can't filter out all the carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and formaldehyde levels that come from cooking with gas. Make sure to keep your filter clean or replace it when it gets too dirty. Always use the exhaust fan when you cook.  Once you get your new range hood filter, stay on top of maintenance by running it through the dishwasher each week to prevent it from getting full of dust and grease. A clean stove hood filter will keep your home safer, reducing cooking odors, indoor air pollution and cooking grime.

Microwave filter

Your over-the-stove microwave contains a filter that captures cooking fumes, grease and dust. It is important to keep your microwave filter clean, so it properly filters odors and impurities and maintains proper airflow. A clogged filter means clogged ventilation - which could cause your microwave to overheat. A filter with grease build up can also drip grease on your cook top. Once you have your replacement microwave filter, simply replace it with the grimy one in your over-the-range microwave. Keep the new one clean by washing it at least every 4-6 months.

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