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Shop Vac Filters

Whether you use your shop vac for home or business use, you will want to keep filters on hand so you can keep it running smoothly and efficiently. Filters Outpost offers shop vac air filters for your Sears Craftsman, Black and Decker, Rigid, Eureka, Armor All or other brand wet / dry shop vacuum for residential, commercial or industrial models. Replacing the filter cartridge regularly will help prevent your wet/dry vac from backing up or prevent strain being put on the motor.

Before ordering, make sure you know the correct size cartridge to fit your particular Shop-Vac model. Installing a new filter is easy and will instantly improve performance. See the difference a quality shop vac filter can make for picking up dirt, dust, sawdust, leaves, sand, debris, etc. Some filters are washable and reusable. Check to see if the replacement filter is for wet, dry or both – depending on what your model requires.