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Shower Filter

If your shower water has an odor or leaves you with a dry, itchy scalp, you may need a shower filter. There are many impurities that can be found in your shower water, including chlorine, harsh minerals and a sulfuric odor. By adding a filtration device to your shower, you can remove organic and hard chemicals; reduce chlorine levels and eliminate chlorine or sulfuric odors while enhancing the water’s pH balance. A shower filtration system disinfects water, killing bacteria and reducing harsh chlorine vapors.

Shower filters are simple to install – most don’t require tools. They tend to last 6 months to a year, depending on the model and brand. Shower filters are easy to operate and maintain. Some shower head filters have upgraded features like different massage settings or choice of water delivery.

Most people note that their hair is more manageable, hair color lasts longer and dandruff is less of a problem once they get a shower filter. Reducing exposure to chlorine and other chemicals helps keep your family safe and can often improve the appearance of hair and skin. Get your shower water filter from Filters Outpost to enjoy softer skin, healthier hair and odorless water.