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Water Filters Comparisons and Types

Water Filters

We live in an increasingly toxic world and safe, clean drinking water is not always available.

Sometimes it is not readily apparent that the water is not safe to drink. It may not have odors, course particles, a metallic taste or a strange color, but still be laden with microscopic contaminants.

Waterborne health hazards can include chemicals, parasites, giardia, protozoan cysts, lead, odors, bacteria or viruses. 

You can protect yourself from contaminated water when you travel, go camping, hiking or face a natural disaster.

There are personal and family filtration systems or bottles that can turn unsafe drinking water into water fit for consumption by people and animals. Look for best selling options on our Water Filters page.

While you may have safe drinking water in your home, it may not taste great. There could be discoloration from rusty pipes, odors from sulfur or other minerals, maybe even bacteria from a recent flood or contamination.

Sometimes the water is just too hard and it dries out your skin and hair or it tastes of minerals.

Regardless of why the water is not as clean and clear as you would like, there are many options for home water filtration so you can get great tasting, crisp, clear water.

There are whole house water systems that can treat water as it comes into the home, so clean water is distributed throughout the house. If you are looking for more specific solutions, you can get faucet water filters, under silk filters, shower filters, garden hose filters or aquarium filters.

If your main concern is eliminating plastic water bottles and having eco-friendly, great tasting water at home any time, then there are several options available.

You can get water pitchers or water bottles with built-in filtration. Water pitchers can be filled with tap water then kept in the fridge or on the counter for family use. Filtered water bottles are for personal consumption, are portable and you can travel with them.

Another popular option is buying a refrigerator that has a built-in water and ice dispenser which filters cool, crisp water.

These fridges have filter cartridges that generally need to be changed every 6 months.

The filter is a key component to any filtration system. It catches and holds the dirt, debris, particles and contaminants that we need removed from our water. Many filters use a carbon base - a natural way to remove impurities.

Every filtration system generally has a filter that needs to be replaced as the old filter becomes saturated with impurities.  Leaving dirty filter media in your filtration device puts your water at risk and can also damage equipment if there are issues with water flow or the pH levels of the water being too high or too low.

Check your device for guidelines as to how often you need to change the filter.

Changing the filter is generally quick and easy, and you should dispose of any old filters in the garbage. Many devices have indicator lights that will tell you when the filter needs changing.

Other household water filters include coffee and tea filters as well as hot tub and pool filters.  

Some of the main water filtration brands are Brita, Culligan, Pur, DuPont, Camco, Marineland, Tetra, Aqueon, Filtrete, GE, Zero Water, LifeStraw, Camelback, Sawyer, Drinkwell, Keurig, MAVEA, Frigidaire, Maytag, Pur, Samsung, Whirlpool, LG, Keurig and more.

Filters Outposts carries all of these types of filters and more. Stock up and save so you always have filters on hand when it is time to replace them. Need air filters for your air conditioner, furnace or humidifier? We carry those as well. Learn how to chose the right filter on our filter info page.