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Water Filters

Waterfall drinking waterWater is essential to life, but sometimes safe drinking water is not available.

There are many water filter types including water pitchers, under-sink filters, refrigerator filters and whole house water filtration systems.

Installing a water filtration system or even just getting a water bottle with a filter can help protect you from contaminated water.

Unclean water may have telltale signs like odor, heavy metal taste, salt test, course particles, and dirty coloration. However, there are other potential health hazards lurking in unsafe drinking water including viruses, bacteria, chemicals, protozoan cysts, crypto, giardia, parasites, odors and other waterborne contaminants.

Having safe water to drink can save your life. Carrying a portable water filtration bottle or system with you when travelling, camping, hiking, back packing, fishing, trekking, doing survivalist adventures or even being prepared for a natural disaster where boil water warnings are in effect.

Water filter bottleMost portable water bottles have built-in filtration systems. They are usually lightweight, durable and reusable.

It is a good idea to get your own water filtration bottle and not to share with others. Water filtration bottles are economical in the long run since you can refill them with regular tap water and save on expensive bottled water – while protecting the environment.

The filtration bottles or water systems will make your water taste better, making it easier to get in the 8 or more glasses recommended for daily consumption.

Some of the water filtration companies, like LifeStraw, even make donations when you purchase their products – so kids in developing countries can also have access to clean water.